Clarity... Together we will explore and define your romantic goals and dreams.

Focus... The power of intention and consciousness becomes the foundation for creating and drawing in your desired good.

Action... We’ll translate your goals into a plan of action. If you’re already dating or in a committed relationship or marriage, we’ll map out the new attitudes, behaviors, and communication tools that will achieve those goals. Perhaps you are in a relationship or marriage that needs help. Together we will untangle the threads, examine the challenges, and create a plan of education and action that encourages new solutions. If you’re beginning to date, we’ll choose the online or in-person venues that will allow you to meet and interact with potential partners. We will then get the process on its feet with new skill sets, strategies, and real-time mentoring.

Attraction... Whatever your starting point, I will support you in developing the overview and skills that will allow you to enjoy conscious courtship and romantic fulfillment with increasing vitality and mastery.

Sierra Faith
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